Hi guys,

I am legit so sorry for disappearing. It’s end of semester at uni so that has just been destroying me, plus I’ve been working on the YouTube thing and I’ve just reunited with one of my best friends after not speaking for 10 months. So…it’s been cray. I’m sorry. I can’t believe I still have the same number of followers. You guys are absolutely lovely.

Health update: this happened

I took this test and while it’s not the worst result ever, that red nutrition box is making me sad. I will officially be on holidays on Halloween, so I’m going to get back on top of life. I need to fix my sleep schedule (currently 3am-midday), eat better, stop drinking Coke again, and start exercising again. So I may not be on much till next month, but it’s only another week :) And then I will be back. For realsies.

Love you guys.